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Win free Satoshis playing Hi-Lo game!

0.00000000 BTC
You can claim 200 satoshi every 5 minutes to play with. Instant withdrawal to FaucetBOX.
Minimum withdrawal is 1000 satoshi. Please notice that if you don't win you get 0 satoshi.

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Rules & FAQs

- You can cash out when you reach minimum 1000 satoshi or you can play the Hi-Lo game to earn a larger reward!

- Balances are not saved! Be sure to cashout when you are done playing!

- Only one account is allowed per person. We track IP addresses.

- Bots and scripts are strictly prohibited.

- When playing the game only wager whole amounts (1, 2, 14, 201, etc). Attempting to wager fractions (1.2, 55.2, 8.01, etc) will crash the game. If this happens you will have to wait 5 minutes to play again and your balance will be reset to 200 satoshis.


Why did I receive a "Fatal Error" when playing? This can happen for a few reasons, the most common is when using a bot or script, which is strictly prohibited on this site. It can also happen if you attempt to wager a fraction of a satoshi (as mentioned above). Only wager whole amounts (1, 2, 14, 201, etc). Attempting to wager fractions (1.2, 55.5, 8.01, etc) will crash the game.

Why not just prevent people from wagering fractions instead of crashing the game? This is a security feature to deter attackers. Attackers try all sorts of ways to exploit bitcoin games.

I lost my 200 satoshis playing the Hi-Lo game, can I have it back? No. Wait 5 minutes and play again.

Why does my betting script crash the game? Because scripts and bots are strictly prohibited.

How do you afford to give away Bitcoins for free? Advertisements help pay to keep this site alive.

Your game is unfair and I think you cheated me! Our Hi-Lo game is provably fair. The outcome of the next roll is displayed as a hash before you place your wager. This means the server decides it will roll a 20 before it knows how much you are betting or what your target is. You can verify a roll wasn't changed by copying the "Hash of next roll", then after playing that roll combine the "secret" and plus sign "+" and the roll "20" and perform a SHA1 hash. The resulting hash will be the same as the "Hash of next roll" that was displayed before you played that game.

Is this site legal? Absolutely. We do not allow players to deposit or play with their own funds. When playing the Hi-Lo game you are only playing with numbers in a database and not actual Bitcoins. The numbers only become Bitcoins once you cashout from FaucetBOX. This is not a gambling site, we are rewarding our players with real Bitcoins based on their performance in the game.

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